…as an expression of the soul has the ability to bring joy, and melodies to the heart. To know that the joy of using your gifts bring greater joy to God, Our Heavenly Father.

In every brushstroke inspired by the Holy Spirit, I began to enjoy the process of being led by God. It is like dancing with Jesus, He leads you, and you follow after. A love that connects, and convey what two people understand, without speaking. A love likened to that of a loving gaze. As I continue to dance with Jesus, love unfolds. With love, there is no fear, only greater love that flows through and expresses itself into a piece of art.

This was the first painting, and before I began, I said a little prayer.
I decided to title it- A Heart of Gold, but renamed it after.

Title: A Little Warrior

Description: God, the center of it all. In the midst of my uncertainties, he carries me. A shield he gives me, to protect me from danger. Walking in my adventures, the air, land, and sea are my friends. They watch over me from above, like angels from on high, and they guide me, in my journey, preparing me for battles that lie ahead.

My hearts desire

Well, guess what? Change happens. and I decided to doubt myself, allowing fear and negativity to creep into my mind, my inner dialogue that goes: “ shouldn’t waste the paint, and as silly as it sounds, I painted my artwork over. Maybe doubt got the better of me, but God being God knew me better than myself. Thankfully I was prompted me to take a picture before I decidedly ‘ruined’ it. In the midst of my challenges, grace was always present.

All I needed to do was to let go. Let go of what I thought was best and listen to what God has to say about my artwork. To surrender myself to a higher being was always a challenge to me, and boy did I learn a lot from this seemingly “unharmed” lesson. it was a lesson to be learnt, and so worth it.

Title: Only your love, and your faithfulness remains

Description: (1 Corinthians 13:13) “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” We love because God loved us first. To remember God’s mercy and goodness every day of my life.

Only your love and your faithfulness endures

In the process of creating, there is always an inner struggle, to want to do good, but we can’t, because we lack the power of the Holy Spirit flowing within us. We lack the convictions within ourselves, because we no longer see it as God’s project, but rather ‘My project’, and this is often displeasing to God. For He who loves us so wishes to bless us, but in our untrusting nature, we have often allowed our pride to get in the way.

My prayer for all artists,
that we may never strive to do it all alone, for without God we are nothing. Let us, Trust with Faith, in abandonment of ourselves to God. To leave everything in the hands of God for with Him, there is Grace, and where grace flows, there is abundance.