Yesterday is over, the time is now

The past is history
Know that God has already won victory for you

My past revisited, and it was agonizing. I realized that I was never the victim but rather, the victim’s nightmare. I believe that we choose what we want to believe, even if we know it’s the truth. We are afraid of suffering, and it’s only natural to avoid it. Unfortunately, that is how the world teaches us to be- that pain is never welcomed, but happiness is. For if we understood the dignity of every person, and how precious every life is, we wouldn’t do what we do, because a hurting person will not only hurt themselves, but others too.

May you encounter the love of God this Christmas, and let Him fill you with His love, joy and peace!

“To fall in love with God is the greatest romance, to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement.”

– Saint Augustine of Hippo


Ushering in the New Year

Thank God that my phone slipped through my hands, if not I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all that’s around me.

Yes! This happened to me on the 31st of December, right before I could take my ride to Grandma’s place. And as I sat in comfort, a sudden realization dawned on me. I wasn’t sad or anything, but rather pretty delighted. I felt free, free from all the constant technology and things that I have to do. I felt liberated, and happy.

Staring out the window, I guess 2017 has been pretty good to me. I was contented, and at peace with myself. It was a moment, being in the present.

I started thinking if losing my phone was a good way of ‘sacrifice’ and to what lengths am I willing to give-up things that I hold on to, it could be a person, an event, or a particular situation. Until today, it had not been as powerful as an event that happened. So thank you Lord, for allowing me to appreciate you all the more, more than anything in this world. For me to let go and let God.

And all readers out there, I thank you for constantly watching this space.

My prayer
I pray that you’ll realize how loved you are, by someone who died to know you. That your struggles mean something, and you are never alone. Even if you think you are, God is with you. You alone are beautiful, you alone are perfect, and you alone are made good. I hope you realize this truth about yourself, for you to live a life filled with purpose and hope, for hope dwells in possibilities.