The Carbonaro Effect

As a child, we believed in what we believe, and we say it like it is. It’s the beauty of God, that one speaks freely, without any fear whatsoever. But as we grow up, we start to change, we want to grow-up quickly, to be like that sister or brother that is our role-model. We fail to recognize that we are all made special, uniquely us, to be a child of God.

Fairy-tales, dreams we believed in, that princesses lived in castles where they wait for prince charming to rescue them. We were all led to a false truth, at a young age, and a false hope we believed in. The true story of humanity, however is already written in the Bible. A book not just written some 2,000 years ago, but in historical context that mentions the presence of Christ, in B.C (Before Christ) , and A.D (After the death of Christ).

Little girl drawing and coloring

Stories, movies, and fictional tales all written by human writers, and we believed them, because we never really grew up. We want to be like Peter Pan, to fly to Neverland and live there forever, because the truth hurts. Living in this world where we are not from this world, we struggle to confront the truths within our heart. We know that there is a God, and He exists. It’s just that we are afraid, unknown of what we cannot see, but also because we know that somewhere deep in our hearts, we are made for something more.

Keys to your own homeSo my dear brothers and sisters, I pray for you, that you may truly find a place where you belong, where you can call home. Where our ultimate home lies not on earth, but in heaven. It’s no wonder that Jesus said,

Jesus - let all the little children come to me
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matt 19:14


Faith, Hope, & Love

Beyond the horizons

Creative expression is not always easy to express. It is only by the grace of God that one can break down barriers of their own. To simply plunge into the moment of creating takes courage and faith. For without it, art is simply meaningless. Art, like faith is always a process, and being in the presence of God makes it all the more awe-inspiring. Words cannot describe the beauty and wonder of God.

Panoramic of view

I remember taking a picture of this beautiful sunset at Upper Seletar Reservoir, a day filled with hope from the Lord. How He surprised me that day, was one that I will always treasure close to my heart. I remember one of the photographers exclaiming, ‘Wow! It’s like a masterpiece.’ It was a day filled with wonder, as I watched the sunset passed by. This day was truly a gift from God, it was special.


He showed me that in moments of despair and disappointments, I could turn to Him. Even if I choose not to respond to God, He would still reach out to me. His magnificence and generosity has showed me that He truly cares. It is He who has carried me far, letting me know that He is truly present in my struggles.

God is always with me
God is always by my side

” Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:1 Dragonfly

“So I realized that all we can do is to be happy and do the best we can while we are still alive.”

Ecclesiastes 3:12