Part 1- Making a difference

Making a difference
in this life of ours

“Be not afraid,” was what Jesus says very often. To live in fear is a horrible feeling, and I know how it feels like. Fear, is also the opposite of Love.

“Make the most of what you have, with what little you have. Everyday is a new day, live life to the fullest, ” were the words I once told myself. Growing up during my teenage years were the most challenging. I experienced heartaches, disappointments, and the most painful of all – the betrayal of a human heart. I learnt that to protect myself, I need not be true to the other.

Because I was hurt, I decided to take life easily, to seek freedom, and to do the things that I wanted. Because being good and obedient doesn’t take me to places, and so I rebelled. Doing things to spite another, out of hate, out of love. I didn’t even know what love means anymore. So I went from people to people, and places to places, searching for this ‘antidote’ to fill the void within.

Thank God I’m a fighter, and didn’t give up easily. And so my journey continued in searching, and seeking…till this restless heart could take it no longer.

Stay tuned forĀ Part 2: Following the call

Love, Amelia
Aspiring Writer & Artist

First published on 9th November 2015


The joy of following Jesus

He takes you places where you least expect. Granting you the desires of your heart- to know those who love Him, how great is our God?

“To fall in love with God is the greatest romance, to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement.”

– St Augustine of Hippo

To go where the wind blows.

“Follow me” was what He always said. It means to be obedient. By listening to Him, and doing what He tells me to do. It also means dying to myself every moment of the day. By surrendering my will to choosing God’s. But following Jesus is not something easy, it takes courage and a willing heart. Following Jesus comes with a price. It requires the letting go of self, and following Jesus whole-heartedly- mind, strength and will.