Part 2- Following the Call

This path I have chosen wasn’t easy. I am, on my journey of discovery as I pray the best for you. May your dreams be a reality, aligned with God’s, that He’ll make you the happiest person alive because all He wants is your happiness. Without God, I am nothing. 

There are many calls for each of us, but which do we answer to?

My life is like a drama series, never-ending. Then there are times that I would really want to give up but I know, I shouldn’t because I’ve come this far, because of Jesus. I don’t want to miss anything for Him, and that was my motivation. Over time, my hunger and thirst grew, and I knew that Jesus was preparing me ahead.

The battle was real and I had to fight. I knew all that was happening because each time God spoke the truth, doubts seem to cloud my mind. Through the words of others, the questions I had in my mind would disappear because God would answer through them. It was as if He had the answer to everything.

And as time passed, I would rely more on His strength. He never fails, and never would. I almost seem to have the attack on all areas of my life, if not one where I would be particularly concerned.

When all goes well at school, and work, something would happen at home. How ungrateful I can be at times when I pushed God away and at times I will pray that my life be not as smooth so that I can rely more on God’s grace. Indeed by now I realised how much God has moved in my life and continue to do so in ways unknown to the human eye.

I love you Lord, all for your glory Lord. To you be highest praises now and forever more.

Dare to dream dreams for God. He’s all you’ll ever need.

Turning back to God

I’ve always kept quiet,

because I’m afraid that no one will answer

I’ve never struggled,

Because I know that this world is big

Too much time wasted,

Too many problems to face,

Too much I don’t want to care

Too many difficulties,

Too many unrests to know what is right from wrong

Who am I next to you

The smallest of me,

Have big dreams,

Time to walk ahead there is a way….


To know that God catches me is all that I’ll ever ask for. Growing up and living in chaos has been the norm for me. Until I decided that this isn’t the life that I want anymore. And so I took a turn, and plunge right into open waters. Not knowing where I am going or where I will be. Still, I trusted, in that still small voice.

Every family has problems of their own. We all learn to love and to forgive, to bear with each other patiently. Mistakes are part of growing up, and we get better at it each time we fail. No one is perfect, and we should never strive to be. To love unconditionally takes a lot of strength, courage, and willingness. We learn to love because its who we are meant to be.Dear Jesus,

Thank you for loving me more than I deserve. You died for me, and now I live. Because you saved me from my deepest darkness. I believe it is your dearest mother who waved to me in her favourite blue. Her warm blue presence that made my heart melt. Her radiant glow shining ever so brightly. I think I met her before I know you. So thank you, dear Jesus, for coming after me. For chasing after me, and never letting me go. Thank you for never giving up on me, and telling me that everything is gonna be okay.



Your poor and unworthy servant