Unbreakable bonds …


What does it mean to love self and neighbor with the love of God?

We are all broken beings. We can’t love God fully but only with what He’s given us. His love transforms. Allows one to give birth to a greater love. Acts of charity- love of the neighbour. Because how can we say we love God when we fail to love our brothers and sisters who make up- The Body of Christ?

Love, a sacred unity between person or person(s). It is neither a feeling nor slight affection or attraction but rather a decision based on loving the other whole-heartedly. Regardless of the desired outcome or a change of situation that arises. Checking our emotions will be a good gauge if we truly loved another with pure intent.

Loving means to let go. To detach ourselves and to love another for their good. Only because God purifies our hearts so that we may learn to love more fully and completely like Him. Without any pretense, but with a genuine love interest for another.



And let go

Music has a way of elevating my soul. It speaks through the deepest darkness, of one where I unite with my divine creator. I think it’s beautiful how we create from a place of vulnerability, of emptying ourselves and letting go of our inner inhibitions. Whether you are an artist, a dancer, or a musician, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the space where you create from. Do you allow or do you withhold?

We learn to be brave because we create from our own stories. We believe in purpose and mission, for without it, everything is meaningless. A picture perfect piece speaks nothing but one without flaws. Great art happens only when you create from within. A space that you call your own, one that you belong to, and one you call home.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss.

We need to let go, and let God. Our worth is found in God, because only God knows, He sees and He understands. To always look to God for strength, and courage because only He can inspire. The greatest thing about being an artist- is to see God everywhere, because we are made this way.

We just need to breathe.