Connecting with God

closeup-connection-heart-113737There are so many ways we can connect with God.

Just to share a few:

  1. Spend time in nature (Just you & God)
  2. Listening to songs (that Glorify God)
  3. Reading His WORD (Reflecting on words that speak to you)
  4. Take time for YOU (Yes you! Spend time to know you)
  5. Doing things you love- Bask in God’s complete freedom & joy
  6. Love your body- Exercise, Eat well, Sleep well …

The possibilities are endless. Look to God. What is it that you love, enjoy doing the most?To sing? To dance? To make art? To create? To write? To inspire? Within us are the powers of God manifest through the working of the Holy Spirit. If only you knew the power you had within you, you would be awakened with new strength.

I love this song, it speaks to me a lot.

Especially when Jesus has risen! Halleluja! It speaks of the beauty and wonder of God I can’t even describe. Creation. He created us. How amazing is that? When you begin to tap into the source of light, you receive light. God is all good, how can He give us something bad?

Look at ourselves. What are we afraid of? Truth? or Lies? God’s word is truth, and in Him there is life. Take a look at our choices, are we really choosing God or ourselves? Pray for grace, ask for wisdom, and when you do not know how to pray, the Holy Spirit will guide you.

Have faith, & Believe in Him.


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