In the desert

pexels-photo-459319It’s been three days of Lent. Every struggle is a struggle against the flesh. For the fight belongs to God, and I just have to be still. Time before this was a period of waiting. Waiting in patience, in silence, in solitude. I guess it was a pretty nice time I had with God. Treasuring every moment I shared with family and close friends. My physical was not in the best state hence there were many things I couldn’t do.

Rest, was all I need. Rest, rest in my love He said. And it is in moments and times as such that I begin to see God working in my life, dreams and wishes He’s placed in my heart. Be patient was all He said. And I knew that everything happens in God’s time. During this period of tiredness, I realized God’s love for me. To be closer in union with God, it pulls me apart, to let go of my old self, and be pruned by God.

Yes painful it was, and still is. But now I have regained a new sense of meaning, purpose and mission. To God be the glory, now and forever more. I have only one goal, to look towards our eternal dwelling place, where God has prepared for each of us. For now – my food is to do the will of God. “Follow me,” He says time and again. Till then, take care!



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