St Ignatius of Loyola
“Give me your love and your grace, for this is enough for me” – Prayer of Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556)

To know that I am a poor, and weak sinner, Lord Jesus, I can only pour out my love in gratitude and humbleness of your great love for me. You are my everything and there is nothing that I want to keep away from you. To share with you my joys, pains, delights, hurts, sadness, anger, resentments, jealously and struggles. You know me best and there is nothing I have to be afraid of. Because of you, I am made new again.

Thank you Jesus,
Your poor and humble servant

Teach me Lord Jesus, to rely on your strength more and more these days. You are my rock and my refuge; for in you can my weakness be made strong, only from your graces. Lavish upon me your love, and kindle in me the fire of your love. So that I may show generosity to all who asks in your name.

I love you Jesus, Mother Mary and Abba Father.

Music Inspirations: 

Never once did we ever walk alone,
never once did You leave us on our own
God You are faithful, You are faithful.

I have no words no say. Don’t know what I should pray.
God I need You. God I need You.
Whatever comes my way, You have taught me to say,
Amen, let Your kingdom come

The Lord’s my shepherd i’ll not want,
He makes me lie in pastures green,
He leads me by the still, still waters,
His goodness restores my soul.

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