Home is where the heart is
is where the heart is

Listening to these songs makes me feel warm inside, and as National day approaches I am reminded of these nostalgic tunes. I am thankful for Singapore, a place where I can call home. What songs reminds you of your hometown?

Morning comes around and I can’t wait to see my sunny island
In its glorious greenery, whether rain or shine, it’s still beautiful
Bright lights shine on the streets at night, guiding me, closer to home
to a place where I’ll be safe and warm, where I belong

Where I belong, where

 I keep my heart and soul
Where dreams come true for us
Where we walk together hand in hand towards a future so bright

Where my dreams wait for me
Where that river always flows
This is home, surely

When there are troubles to go through
We’ll find a way to start anew

There is comfort in the knowledge

Just like the river which brings us life
There’ll always be Singapore

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