Beauty in the struggle~

“There is beauty in the struggle

There is beauty in the pain


For today will bring tomorrow

And the once familiar sorrow

Will turn and testify to yesterday


Only Your beauty, Jesus,

Your beauty is what remains”

Silence is often taken for granted, and we do not see its greatness nor its value, only when situation arises.

Sad enough, life is such. To break down the comfort areas in my life – For me to grow.

To break down the walls of my heart- For me to love.

“You don’t always give me what i want in life

Cause what i need the most is to be purified

So i come and rest here for a while

Cause you keep the fire alive”


Silence speaks

Through the depths of my being

Where I long to await

In the deepest longing of my heart

To once again be reunited with God

So I say a little prayer

and in the silence

He spoke

In the quiet abyss of my heart:

‘Fret not, my child

You are never alone

I am with you always- until the end of time

Have courage, fear not my beloved

I have come to rescue you

Stretch out your hand and receive me

I love you, my child

Have no fear

The end is just the beginning

And hope is near

Do not give up

For hope

Is what gives meaning to life

Cling on

To hope

For you’ll never know when you need it

Take heart, for I have conquered the world’

– God


Silence allow me to reconnect with my true self. Without fear nor judgement, where I can freely plunge into God’s great love and mercy.

My wish is that one day there will be a time where I no longer have to worry about the concerns of this world, but only the next.

For now, to pray that I may continue living the life that God has called me to. To fulfill the desires of my heart long ago planted before I was born, with great trust, courage and humility, patiently enduring hardships of this life, before I depart to the next.

~May the good lord be with you always, until the end of time~

“You are the strength of my heart, you are the strength of my heart

and my portion forever and ever

Only your beauty Jesus

You beauty is what remains”

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