What is LOVE?

“Cause all you’ve ever wanted…was my heart”


So what am I going to do? Am I going to stay and enter into this relationship, so involved, so upsetting? Or shall I go away, run away, because I am afraid, because I don’t feel like committing myself?

Shall I choose Love, that is, this relationship, this confrontation, this exchange, this reciprocal giving, this giving of myself?

Or shall I choose to be closed, remain alone in an absurd isolation of one who does not want to stay with his God and with his equals?

Jesus says: “If you want”;

He does not force. However, I know that he is waiting for me and has been so for a long time… why wait any longer?

Inspired source


Love doesn’t demand

Love gives, willingly, without compromises

Because LOVE is

Thank you Lord Jesus, without your love- I cannot LOVE

Because you first LOVED ME, & therefore I can LOVE others.

With the LOVE you gave me, is everything, because in you, I have found my delight.


My All


My one and only friend

One who fully understands me- For who I am

My companion and confidant

My truth, faith, hope and strength.

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