My first Solo-Trip


I promised myself in my younger years, when the Internet was oh so crazy and popular that I would take the chance to travel someday.

With pictures of people having fun in their travels, it made me question if I should be doing the same?

Yet, a part of me died within because i knew i had no means to travel. Even if i want to, I lacked courage.

Fear, was one of my greatest obstacle i had to overcome. I’m glad I did, and am thankful for the choice I made for self.

So I urge you all, to uncover your dreams, make em a reality,

Dare to cross the ocean,

Paint that picture,

Go mountain climbing,

or whatever it is that you’ve been so afraid to do. Your destiny is in your hands. Time and tide waits for no man, and I believe you can make it, and make the wisest choice for you.


Have courage, and be fearless. Your adventure awaits you at the other end of fear.


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