The love of my life

Is Christ

Jesus Christ

In my daily encounters of meeting strangers, today a Sunday, December the 6th in 2015 stood out the most for me.

I met a very interesting lady, well almost all my encounters are all very unique and special to my heart, each in their own ways. Most of the time, it is never a coincidence that i meet a fellow stranger and we talk about our lives.. Most important of all, God is always at the center of my life when i meet such people- and they bring joy and answers to my life

Answers..that i was always seeking out from Jesus.

HE knows…and He sends people into my life, for a specific reason.

Deep in my heart i want to cry out to thank Jesus..

For His constant protection and answering all the burning questions i have within my heart.

Yes, God always works in mysterious ways. We, as human beings can never make sense of what we know, only our hearts know the answer.

I feel His love, each time He speaks to me in ways that surprises me, in His little ways.

If you asked me, to whom do i give my heart, soul, mind and divinity to, my answer is Jesus.

Jesus has always been my answer to everything…

My past, My present and My future…

IMG_0354 (2)
Love one another, as i have loved you

Nothing can separate us from God’s Love- (Romans 8:31-39)






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